Sustainability in the Tamaki Community

Hi, and welcome to my Website about helping and providing information to save the Point England Reserve (due to housing) Deveolpment in the Tamaki Community.

Here's how you can make a change by saving Point Englnad Reserve and lots of Primary/Intermediate schools.

Save Point England Reserve!

The Government are planning to develop more housing in our Tamaki Community in March 2017, by allowing the Point England Reserve land, used as housing. Many people in the Tamaki Community are building sites, announcing noticies about Housing development on the streets in Glenn Innes, just to convince people to save Point England reserve. The Gonverment, Auckland city Unitary already planned and marked Glenn Innes, Point Englnad Reserve as housing develop.

The local population in Auckland will neded this place. The Reserve, which is used as a playing field is reguarly used by Schools, Communities, Soccer, Cricket, Atheletics, Kilikiti, Social gatherings, Family sports, Picnic in the park, huge events, Movie in the park, Music in the park, Weet Bix Tryatholon, and also the Summer Jam. All these big events happening in our Community is awesome privillage for us kids.

Point England Reserve (Aerial Footage) from Brad Stent on Vimeo.

Three importand reason to look after the environment at Point England Reserve Beach are:

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